Marriage the Second Time Around.

Marriage is suppose to be the most sacred things on the planet that us as human beings should experience. Looking at everything around us from social media, television and our own families, marriage has become a distant memory.

Now if you are thinking about getting married again after a divorce, I’m sure there are all sorts of reservations running through your head. As a wife/husband for the second time around, being the best especially better than the first time is extremely important.

For those that are looking for marriage again, I say go for it. Don’t let the first inexperienced marriage dictate your next marriage. 

Marriage is NOT for everyone, however for those that love being married. Correct whatever wrongs you had the first time, dig deep into the emotions of your new spouse and be the best husband/wife you can be. 

So walk down that isle say your I do’s, then run to your honeymoon spot!

From the thoughts of Jannah Malkia đź’ś

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Lack of Sex in a Relationship!

We all know that relationships are built on many components, and sex just happen to be one of them. Now many of you may argue that sex is overrated or it’s not all that important. If you are saying any of that, I am saying stop having sex with your mate and see don’t he/she start sleeping with someone else. 

I am not speaking in the event of an accident or illness, that may prevent you from being sexually active. I am solely speaking on the relationships that extracts sex when pissed off. 

Outside of communication, trust and compassion, sex is just as important. You need that intimacy to help bring you closer especially when you have just had an argument. Yes. You can have intimacy without, sex and that comes during the other three components I spoke on. 

Instead of using sex as a weapon, try using it as a means to keep a spark in your relationship. It works!

From the mind of Jannah Malkia đź’ś

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Once it’s spoken, that’s all you have to go on. Once it’s seen then believe it. So many people talk a good game but damn sure can’t back it up. 

The good face. The sweet, kind, loving, innocent, truthful person. The kind you would to have in your circle or date. All things are beautiful he/she is gorgeous. Time passes then, BOOM! You are hit with the face of DECEPTION.

Deception. Never reveals the truth Never! Will give you all that you want and be something totally different behind close doors. Hiding shit, because they dont want anyone to see it. Erasing shit because they dont want any to see it. 

Yeah you know where I am going with this. 

If your good face take off their mask accidentally, then you see something horrific.


 Just my thoughts. Enjoy!

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Carried away

Look, I will be the first to say that whenever anyone can still handle or even want to handle you when you are a total mess, I say, I tip my hat off to you.

Some people deserve to lay in their own mess, because MOST don’t know how to appreciate anyone’s help. 

Being helped alot of people see it as a sign of weakness being vurnable. “Yeah you do.”

Moral of this story, if a man or woman is still trying to deal with your crazy ass after he/she has seen your crazy. Go on ahead and let them carry you. Unless you want to drag yourself.

This is just my opinion and as always,

This is jannahspointofview!

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Black Lyfe Publications Interviews




20150715_094139.jpgIt’s that time again, for me to interview some amazing authors from Black Lyfe Publications.

You don’t want to miss these interviews these authors will discuss a little about themselves (Privately) and of course their work. So sit back and relax and enjoy,

Tiniece Singleton & Author Teflon Sean in this HOT collaboration,


Interview will be posted on Friday July 1st on all social media sites!



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ABUSE Pt.1 Physical

ABUSE Pt.1 Physical

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this picture is saying. No matter how what happens he knows I will love him anyway.

Wow, abuse comes in so many shapes and forms that it is still silent in many homes that you would never think anything of it. Now don’t get me wrong I am not talking about the usual disputes that couples have. I am talking about the terrifying physical abuse, the kind that will be felt for many years to come and the worst thing is to hear anyone say, “just leave,” how I wish it was that simple.

No one will ever know that physical fights that a woman will go through at the hands of her abuser, mainly because it is an embarrassment to you. So what do you do you paint a water proof smile on your face because you don’t want to start explaining things to people that wouldn’t have a clue of where you are coming from unless they have at least walked a country mile in your shoes.

Anything can trigger the beginning of abuse and most likely it is nothing she has done, it’s all in his head that somehow he needs to control her and once he sees the fear unfortunately he’s got her, and because she’s madly in love she is hoping things will change. Most of the time nothing changes but her physical and mental self. 1 in 5 women have been in a domestic violence relationship and some still are. Here are a list of just some of the triggers of domestic violence.

  1. Cheating
  2. lack of money
  3. another child
  4. loss of job
  5. low self esteem
  6. fear
  7. mental illness

Of course these are no reason to ever put hands on anyone but sadly it is what often will cause physical violence in the home.

Most women tend to try and change a zebras strips and not knowing at the moment  she’s  in this situation that the strips cannot be changed. So she tries to tame a wild bull and again not knowing she cannot tame  a wild bull. So when none of that is working she starts to change herself in hopes that it will make a difference. In most cases all that does is upset him even more. Why? Because instead of him seeing the good in what you are doing for yourself he only sees another reason for him to physically abuse her.

There are many women walking around the world and many in your own neighborhood who are scared as hell to go home every night. In the beginning she may hit back but once those hits are harder she stops but the hits never get lighter or stop. Most women will never get hit in the face. But her body is a punching bag and is colored red, blue, and black.

Women who have been beaten may never speak about this experience but when they do, for those that have not got a clue to what she has been through, listen to her she has finally found a way to face her problems, don’t make her regret it by saying she is to blame. I can speak about this all day but for now I will end it right here.

As always this is jamiespointofview!


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Author Ishaq Mumin

I have had the opportunity to interview a great Author and a man who understands OUR STRUGGLE.fullsizerender.jpg

 In this interview you will be able to see through his words that he is much more than a writer, Author Ishaq Mumin is definitely someone you should know.



1. Since becoming an Author is it everything you have expected thus far?

No it is not anything like I expected. I never had any expectations but noticed that I must do some extraordinary self-promotion.

2. What changes are you making with your writing that is not seen today?

I have paid more attention to detail when I am describing places where events are taking place. Most books that I have read did not make it clear where the events where taking place. So I made it a point to mention the place where most of my story’s events had taken place.

3. Do you plan to write in other genres?

Actually I am making preparation to focus more on motivational writings that uplift and enlighten others. I believe that this is much more needed than fictional stories; nevertheless I had to try my hand in fiction.

4.Where do you see yourself in three years literary wise?

Sky is the limit, I also have somewhat of a legal background also and will look to get into writing about laws and how they affect certain segments of the population, and what role they play in one’s plight to become successful.

5. What inspired you to write?

I became inspired to write once I read books by W E.B. Dubois and J.L. Rogers, also writers like Dr. Amos Wilson and on a different note-Donald Goines. I also noticed the tasteless writing of a lot of our Urban Fiction writing and said to myself, I can definitely do better than this.

 6. What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on my sequel to a trilogy called “The Evolution of a G”.

7. Where is your favorite place to write?

I tend to like to write in the library or in the Library on Campus. I need concentration and Peaceful surroundings to focus. Mostly, though I jot down pieces here and there wherever a theme or plot enters my mind. Most of my writing is pieced together and can look like a monologue for a movie script than a novel.

 8.When writing do you outline first or just start writing and see where it goes?

Yes, Outlining is definite and then I can go into detail. I usually begin with the name of a chapter and then write the contents of that Chapter.

 9. How many books do you plan on putting out in 2016?

I will put out 1-2 books-finish the trilogy. Then decide if it’s time to make that transition into motivational writing.

10. What else would you like us to know about you?

I am an activist that stands for the liberation of black people, descendants of former slaves.

I believe that our children should learn about the struggle that their ancestors went through and that which they will most definitely endure during their own journey on our planet and that they must learn with rapid speed, I advocate for that and any other oppressed people on our mother earth.

I have learned so much just by doing an interview with Author Ishaq Mumin, I hope to interview him again later on this year. GREAT interview! You can check out all websites for his books and his personal website to get more of a glimpse into the world of Author Ishaq Mumin.

The link for purchase on Kindle is:…/…/B018QWPUOE/

The link for Amazon is:…/…/099664668X/

My Createspace link is:

My website is:

My Facebook is


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